Hi. I’m Len Dozois

I believe in magic and mythical creatures

Weave ideas into words, send them out into the marketplace, and watch them return laden with money — that’s magic.

Witness a finely-tuned sales process nurture a lead until it becomes a customer — that’s magic.

Experience a landing page so powerful, it draws the reader into the sales funnel like water spinning down the bathtub drain — that’s magic.

Dear Business Owner:

In the digital world, people who possess a blend of marketing and technology skills are called Unicorns. That’s because we are a rare find. Unicorns are tech-savvy marketing people with skills across Business, Analytic, Technology, and Storytelling. We call it BATS. That’s important to you because the line between technology and marketing is more than blurred; it’s gone. It no longer takes just clever words to drive results. It takes Unicorns.

I will add value to your company because I connect the business and technology sides to produce the end result you want. I speak geek in cubicle alley and business with the clients and executives. Put me on your team. I’ll help you deliver magic.

Here Are The Skills I Can Contribute To Making Your next Project A Success:

• Copywriting
• HTML 5

• Social Media
• E-Marketing
• E-Mail
• Direct Mail
• WordPress

• A/B Testing
• Branding
• Landing Pages
• Script Writing
• E-Commerce

• Surveys
• jQuery

• Ajax
• Javascript
• E-Payments

People say I make even the most complex projects work because I understand how to fit all the parts together to drive success. Your average freelance marketing consultant can not create high-performance marketing campaigns AND develop all of the technology needed to support it. I can.

Are you ready to take your Internet Marketing to the next level? I'm ready to help. Contact me and let's get started.

Best regards,

Len Dozois
Freelance Marketing Consultant