Hi. I’m Len Dozois

Once people see my list of skills, they often ask if  I am an I.T. Geek or a Marketing Geek?

Actually, I’m both.

In the marketing world, people like me who possess marketing skills, as well as I.T. skills, are called “Unicorns” because we are a rare find. Unicorns are tech-savvy people who have skills across Business, Analytics, Technology, and Storytelling. We call it BATS  talent.

Here Are The Skills I Bring To Your Company As A Freelance Marketing Consultant:


People say I add value to any project because I am able to connect the business and technology sides to produce an end result that works the way you hoped it would. I speak “geek” in cubicle alley and “business” in executive row and the client’s office. Your average freelance marketing consultant can not create high-performance marketing campaigns AND develop all of the technology needed to support it. I can.

Are you ready to take your Internet marketing to the next level? I'm ready to help. Contact me and let's get started.


Best regards,

Len Dozois
Freelance Marketing Consultant