Are You Inviting Strangers Into Your Home?

There’s a video going around about this but I know not all of you will see it or click on it, so here is an article I wrote for our company newsletter…

Are you inviting strangers into your home?

Smart phones are great, but sometimes they are too smart for our own good. Take your cell phone camera for example. If the Geo-tagging feature is enabled on your phone’s camera, every time you snap a picture, your phone records your exact location and embeds that data in the image.

Freely available browser plugins let anyone who sees your photo determine exactly where that photo was taken. Whenever you post that image on Facebook, Photobucket, Pinterest, DropBox, or anywhere else, you’re giving out way too much information.

Post a picture of your child in her bedroom and a child predator knows exactly where that room is. School play photos? Now they know what school your child attends. Day at the park? Your child’s favorite hangout is public knowledge for anyone who cares to look.

It’s not just pictures of children that put you at risk. Thieves would love to know where to find that new big screen TV you’re so proud of. Showing off pics of your new engagement ring taken at your home or office? Now they know where you live or work.

Here’s A Quick Fix

To find out how to check if Geo-tagging is enabled on your phone, and how to disable it if it is, this article can help. If instructions for your phone are not listed in the article, do an Internet search for your phone’s brand and model and the phrase “turn geo tagging off”. Once you have the feature turned off, your photo privacy is restored. It’s as simple as that.