“Len has the ability to switch between a technical level of understanding of a problem to explaining that to a layman. His ability to write copy for a site is on par with any other writer out there and combined with his technical knowledge, this makes him a formidable person in all areas of Information Technology.”

— Tim Collins, Programmer
Charity USA

“Len Dozois is one of those rare individuals who is amazingly and equally adept in both creative and IT programming endeavors.

The combination of those right-brain/left-brain skills is a marketer’s dream: not only can Len write compelling, persuasive copy that sells, he can set-up and program the tracking mechanism to provide analytical insights.

From concept to conversion, Len can do it all! Len’s commitment to high-quality work never wavers — I can always depend on him to meet, or more often, exceed stated deliverables.

On top of all this, Len is a warm caring individual, who makes a delightful impact on everyone he meets. In my view, Len is a joy and a treasure.”

— Sandy Tapper, Chief Marketing Officer

“I had the pleasure of working for Len during my time at Systemax and learned a great deal from him.

Not only was he a great leader for our team, but he also provided honest feedback and guidance in an effort to help us excel in our positions.

Of the many things I observed while working with Len, what stood out the most was his gift for thinking “outside the box”.

His ideas lend themselves towards inspiring a different way of thinking and/or approaching a given project.

Len’s masterful communication skills also made him a great marketer and tremendous asset to any cross-functional project team. ”

— Vanessa Pinzón, Field Sales Marketing Manager
MSC Industrial Direct

“Len came into a time of MAJOR CRISIS in our Information Technology department and literally volunteered to handle it. That was the first sign that this Leader had guts, confidence and drive. The crisis included licensing issues, management issues, personnel issues and purchasing issues. What took 3 years to destroy, took Len only months to fix.

He is a proven leader with EXTREME attention to detail and possesses the unique ability to understand both the human world and the geek world simultaneously.

After blowing through an IT Manager, an IT Director, a CTO and an interim CIO, Len has been the ONLY professional that has been able to properly lead, manage and help our company grow.

We initially engaged Len as our Internet Marketing Director and his talent for IT and business became apparent when he worked on projects that relied upon IT.

He holds strong opinions and is not scared to voice them despite any public criticism. He also takes direction well if his ideas or opinions are not implemented. As a CEO, I value those who hold true to their thoughts and are not Yes men.

It is hard to trust the motivation of employees recommendations or opinions these days, which makes men like Len a rare breed. Len holds strong core values and has unwavering ethical clarity which is something we and I hold dear.

Rarely would recommend anyone these days unless I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the individual or group is professional, credible and honorable. Len meets all of those very important criteria and as a side note, he is a heck of a nice guy with a great sense of humor and a positive/realistic outlook on life.”

— Paul Simino, CEO

“Len possesses great organizational skills and works well with others. Len performed well when leading others on projects.”
— Mark Hendrickson , Disaster Specialist Pinellas County
American Red Cross – Tampa Bay Chapter

“I have had the honor of reporting directly to Len Dozois while he was President of ZAC Catalogs. It has truly been one of the highlights of my career. I am proud to have been a part of his team and I contribute a lot of my success on the wisdom and insight I gained working with Len. Len is one of those rare managers who truly inspires greatness in others. He is creative and passionate, and encourages his staff by challenging them to look at things differently. He sees the big picture, with just enough detail to know how to build a strong core team, and then gives them the freedom to do their jobs. Len knows how to motivate others to care about the projects at hand and be invested in their success. He has a vast amount of experience in marketing and technology – two very different industries. With the unique ability to communicate with the creative splash of marketing and the finite 0s and 1s of technology, he is a valuable asset to have in today’s social media and information-driven world. Len is an accomplished executive with solid business instincts who can think strategically and act tactically, while managing and motivating his staff. He helped create a work environment at ZAC which resulted in amazing camaraderie. If given the chance, I would not hesitate to work with Len again.”
— Lisa Creps, Safety Coordinator
Theorem Clinical Research

Len is a company man in the truest sense in that he is looking with the company’s true best interests in mind while at the same time is willing to take direction and not always have to be right. He is easy to get along with and is eager to support the Execs in the company however he can.
— Doug Joyce, VP Operations

Len was a great individual to work with! He was a good leader that lead a team to success! He had great work ethic and was very willing to help coach and develop individuals. There was never a task to big or small that he would not willingly confront. He lead and performed with a great attitude, which is crucial in any field. He would be a valuable asset to any team!
— Dane Pendleton, Director of Education

Len has the unique compilation of skills that incorporate CEO management viewpoints mixed with CIO and Marketing Director know how. He can take a company that is in a malaise and turn it around. I have seen him do this. I would highly recommend Len for a leadership role in any size company.
— Jeffrey Lemen, International Sales Director
BobCAD-CAM, Inc.

Len was an IT breath of fresh air for One Simple Loan. He was able to step in and solve current issues as well as understand the needs of each department and create the tools needed for the job at hand.

Len’s ability to undertstand the needs of each department, as well as communicate with the non IT staff, was extraordinary. This ability helped develop very user-friendly solutions that were flexible enough for future needs as they arose.
Louis Bruno, Sales Manager

Len is a solid leader who provided guidance and leadership to the IT department at OneSimpleLoan. He is always thinking ahead and planning how to handle technical issues before they occur. He is exceptional at aligning business needs and IT goals. Len provides the leadership and guidance all companies need.
— Joshua Jenkins, I.T. Manager

Len is an outstanding leader. He is fair, honest and works hard to fulfill the needs of customers and the company alike. Len is a consummate professional and a terrific person to work with.
— James Bateman, Lead Technician
Hy-Cert Services Inc.